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Majors Occupational Environment Measure

Majors Occupational Environment Measure

The Majors Occupational Environment Measure (MajorsOEM™) is a 93-item instrument that measures interests, tasks/activities and environmental settings. This information is used to form separate Preference and Avoidance scales for 11 Occupational Action Groupings (OAG; 22 scales total), as well as 6 scales of Global Interest Areas (GIA; provides Holland Occupational Code) that represent aspects of developed personality. The OEM is simple and easy to administer by e-mail access link. The MajorsOEM takes on average 15 minutes to complete and is valid for ages 16 (high school juniors) and up.

The Majors OEM™ can provide two different reports based on the needs of the client:

  • The Majors OEM™ – Satisfaction and Retention Profile (Majors OEM-SRP™) report is intended to help individuals maximize their occupational satisfaction. The results are descriptive and not part of any complex theory. They do not tell clients what to do or encourage them to make career changes. The information is based upon their responses across 11 different groupings of common occupational tasks and activities and the environments in which they occur. The following are the 11 areas of tasks and activities that are sampled on the Majors OEM™.
  • The MajorsOEM™ – Career Exploration Profile (MajorsOEM-CEP™) report provides valuable information to help make career decisions that are satisfying and a good fit for an individual’s personality. It is equally effective for those who are starting out or changing careers; anytime making the right career choice is important. The MajorsOEM-CEP makes the process of choosing the “right” career or occupation understandable by putting structure onto your client’s decision-making process. Clients learn how to identify the possible satisfying occupations, and reduce the chance that they will be surprised later by unexpected disappointments. The CEP report reveals the individual’s patterns for Avoiding or Preferring the 11 Occupational Activity Groupings (groups of tasks, activities and environments in which they are performed). The following are the 11 areas of tasks and activities that are sampled on the Majors OEM™.

We can provide this assessment completely online.  The online version a live interactive session between the student and the instructor, Randy Marcoz, a certified Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other personality instruments.

  • After registration, students will receive their own personal link to take the Majors OEM online. Intelligent Communication uses the Breckenridge Institute to provide online assessments for our clients.
  • Once the student completes the assessment, the report will be forwarded to the instructor, who will set up a 45-minute online session with the student.
    • These sessions are individual sessions involving the instructor an a single student.
    • The student has the opportunity to get all his/her questions answered by a certified Master Practitioner.
    • The instructor will work out an action plan with the student to take advantage of his/her personality type.
  • The student will receive his/her Majors OEM personality report in PDF format at the end of the the live session.

Contact us if you are interested in the Majors OEM online.