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Intelligent Communication

Intelligent Communication

This program is foundational to all Intelligent Communication training programs. It provides an introduction to the Smart Talk Model.  The Smart Talk Model is a simple yet comprehensive approach that makes you a better communicator.  Students can learn and begin applying the model in a very short time.  It is comprehensive in that is provides a framework in which all other communication skills and best practices can be applied.  This is a particularly valuable aspect of Intelligent Communication.  It enables students to quickly and effectively use many different communication techniques together.  This course module not only introduces students to the model, but also teaches them how to apply it in both professional and personal contexts.

The Intelligent Communication Course is our flagship course.  It is a 4-5 day course that includes a selection of our training programs designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.

Delivery:  Seminar, Webinar, Online (coming soon)